NHS Cyber Attacks – Simple Tips to Protect Your Business
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NHS Cyber Attacks – Simple Tips to Protect Your Business

I’m quite sure every security blogger on the globe is frantically sitting at their computer hammering out a blog related to the NHS cyber-attacks. Well Layer 8 are no different, but instead of scrutinising what happened, enough of the scare stories and techno babble, we want to focus on what can be learnt from this, and what we might be able to do to protect our businesses.

Positive Outcome no.1 – Cyber will become a real business issue
For too long IT and Security managers have struggled to get airtime when it comes to protecting their business. Board members, with the exception of a few, will say ‘I understand there is a risk, but we have more important things to do’. I can’t see that conversation playing out the same way now.

Positive Outcome no.2 – There are some simple things you can do to minimise the risk
The detailed technical controls around cyber can be complex, but there are a few things you can do to protect yourself…
Start with making sure security is part of the conversation that everyone is having e.g…
‘How are our suppliers securing our customers’ data?’
‘How will we keep data secure in our new products?’
‘How can we offer, quality, value for money, and security?’

Ensuring your workforce understand the context, consequence and process around cyber will mean people make the right decisions when dealing with cyber. Use Layer 8’s simple checklist as a starter to see if your workforce is able to defend your business from attack:

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