A Christmas Gift for all you Security Professionals out there…

christmas-932341_640Happy Christmas from Layer 8!

It’s that time again! As you read through article after article offering security predictions for 2016, your Christmas wish list will be growing. Will you get everything you’ve asked for, and will there be some things you’ll need to return to the store in January?

What’s certain is that forecasts for the coming year will be urging security professionals to address the human factor. With people set to be targeted more and more as the entry point for data thieves, we know that secure end-user behaviour is going to become ever more core to effective cyber defence over the coming year. To make this new year’s resolution into a reality, the fastest, most efficient solution lies in building a proactive security culture.

Fastest? Most efficient? Really? Many security teams balk at the idea of developing a security culture – and it’s an understandable response. First, it’s not about technology and software, but messily human and it can take us out of our comfort zones. Not knowing where to begin, it’s easy to plunge one’s head in the sand. “And when,” cries the security lead, “when am I going to find time to change culture and behaviour!”

Tidings of comfort and joy

Thankfully, security chiefs don’t have to expend time and energy making culture change happen. For a start, it doesn’t work that way. Culture change will not happen via a top-down approach. A proactive security culture spreads virally, it happens through conversations, and it begins with a few people who (regardless of where they work, or their position in the organisation) have a few key things in common:

• They take a great interest in security and engage with it on a daily basis.
• They talk to a range of their colleagues during the course of their work.
• Their zeal energises them and they win over others to the cause.

These people – and they exist in every organisation – have the ability to create a ‘word-of-mouth epidemic’ and they are the people who will change the culture of security throughout the business. At Layer 8, we’ve seen it happen in our work with even the largest of organisations: starting with conversations, nothing less than transformation occurs.

Who are your allies?

You may already know of some individuals who are passionate about security, but how many more might there be out there? By seeking out these people and recruiting them to their cause, security chiefs have the ability to grow their team overnight – and these committed people will lead the charge towards a proactive security culture for them!

These folk are like gold dust to the time-starved CISO – but how can you find out who they are? At Layer 8 we’ve developed a unique identification process which will give you a detailed inventory of who those ‘unsung heroes’ of security are. Once you know who to talk to, growing a positive security culture becomes a whole lot easier.

A Christmas gift from Layer 8…
Sign up for a free no-obligation trial of the Layer 8 Toolkit® and we’ll supply you with a list of names of the people who are going to be your security culture advocates. Want to know how we can do that? Sign up and see…

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