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our story

(And what we care about)

Cybercrime costs the global economy $16.4 billion a day.
That's $684.9 million an hour, or $11 million per minute

More than half of these cyberattacks are committed against small to medium sized businesses – 60% of which go out of business within six months. But all of this can easily be prevented.


Your people are your power when it comes to protecting your business against cyber attacks.
It’s all about changing your company’s security culture, which will change behaviour from grassroots, up. And all this takes is a conversation.

Our experience

Our team has a background in training and behavioural psychology, along with years of experience in the security industry. We know that when people really change, they have usually had a conversation.

Your experience

Think back to the last time you made a change in your life. Chances are you had a conversation about it. You listened to advice, you discussed the pros and cons. And then you felt fully committed to making that change.

Then think of a time you were asked to make a change at work. Were the reasons for the change properly communicated? Did you feel part of the process? If not, how did that make you feel?

A better experience

Good communication not only eases the process of change,  it promotes a better understanding of what you and your team are trying to achieve. It facilitates cooperation and helps develop a sense of belonging, which will ensure everyone is on the same page and up to the task ahead.

Our most useful resources, for free

It’s what’s inside that counts. 
Join the Layer 8 Champions® Hub today.

Layer 8 Champions was born in 2016, when we helped OpenReach
create a network of over 600 security champions that thrives to this day.

Since then, we have supported numerous businesses, large and small,
in their quest for proactive champions. 

Layer 8 Champions will strengthen your business and build resilience to cyber crime
by empowering your people to act as custodians of your company.

Meet the team

Sarah is a thought leader in security behaviour change, and passionate about the power of conversation. She developed the ‘conversations change culture’ blueprint, to enable every person in every organisation to become champions of security culture. It is this blueprint that is at the heart of our Layer 8 Champions® programme, which is now used by many global businesses to create proactive, measurable change.


Tony started his own company 25 years ago, delivering sales training to Blue Chip companies, all around the world. In 2013 he teamed up with Sarah to work on an exciting new cybersecurity business and two years later, Layer 8 was born. Tony is also the author of Don’t Sell, We’re British, so he is an expert at turning sales techniques into conversations people will really buy into. This is what makes him the perfect CFO for Layer 8.

Before joining Layer 8 in 2018, Leanne had many years’ experience in the sales sector, for FTSE 100 companies to SMEs. During that time, she saw the various ways cyber security awareness was delivered and how it affects businesses when training is not the top of a company’s agenda. Through conversation Leanne really gets to know our clients and then identifies how our Layer 8 workshops can help develop secure behaviours.

Denise has more than a decade’s experience delivering positive change to security cultures for a variety of organisations, across the globe. She is an advocate for security champion programmes and passionate about the interaction between human behaviour and technology. It is by understanding human behaviour that she is able to deliver strategic programmes that empower the individual to make the right choices about their actions and reactions around cyber security.

Marilise is an executive coach and award-winning global leader in cyber security. She specialises in  addressing cyber security behaviours and culture, encouraging organisations to move away from ‘tick box’ approaches, towards risk-led, people-centric approaches that embed secure mindset and habits into organisational culture. Marilise emphasises the need for a speak-up culture that allows suspicious behaviour and mistakes to be surfaced and addressed.

Adrian Peers

Adrian has over 20 years transformation and change experience in the finance and insurance sectors. He has also led and developed global teams in finance operations. Adrian is an advocate for structure and measurement and
is the primary lead for Layer 8’s PMO and performance management functions. However, he’s not as
strict as he sounds, and the key to Adrian’s success is his appreciation and careful navigation of business culture.

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Sarah Janes

Managing Director

“What I’m interested in is changing behaviours. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never changed behaviour after reading a poster or policy. It’s conversation that changes culture!”

Sarah has lived and breathed the human factor in security ever since she started her career in-house at BT. Sarah moved on to deliver award-winning behavioural change programmes to FTSE 100 clients at The Security Company, before partnering with the rest of the Layer 8 team to launch a company that combines a diverse set of skills and experience to offer one of the most accessible culture change programmes on the market. 

“We didn’t launch Layer 8 to tick a box. The team embodies a fresh, and sometimes surprising, approach to delivering experiential training. Now there’s a word I never thought I’d see in the same sentence as ‘security’!”

Tony Dimech


“I see it in their eyes. The moment the person I’m speaking to really ‘gets’ how their behaviour impacts security. I’ve even seen people run out of workshops to immediately change their security settings!”

Tony has dedicated his career to sales and business development. Twenty-five years ago, he started his own company delivering training initiatives in over 20 countries for some seriously well-known brands. Numbers are his thing, in case you hadn’t guessed. Also known as the author of ‘Don’t sell, we’re British’, Tony is an expert in turning traditional sales techniques into conversations people will really buy into. 

“Change doesn’t happen unless you’re motivated to adopt new ideas and behaviours. This is exactly what we set out to achieve at Layer 8, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

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