Is there anybody there - The alliances you need to win budgets for training people

Is there anybody there? The alliances you need to win budgets for training people


Culture is vital to the success of any people-centred security strategy

If awareness is necessary to stimulate the potential for behavioural change, then a conducive culture is essential for behavioural change to happen and to embed itself. Awareness, behaviours and culture are the ‘ABC’ of components necessary for change.

Engaging communications, immersive workshops and peer-to-peer learning and leadership via a ‘champions’ campaign are the means to make it happen. They work in concert and complement each other, stimulating conversation, collaboration and behavioural change across the business. 

This requires budget –

If you’re in charge of security – then you could well be a bit of a lone voice banging the drum for investment in training your people in security culture. Like an entrepreneur you see things that others don’t, you have a vision of the way things could be – and you know how to make it happen – but your colleagues don’t see it your way… yet. You have a vision, but you have to make it real, help others see the need, persuade them – scare them if necessary but show them that things can get better if you do things your way. Hold up your dream of a security team made up of every single employee.

In other words, you’re selling something new, and people treat new things with suspicion until they see others using them or doing them or buying them. You need ‘early adopters’, then others will follow. Assembling a network of key stakeholders and getting them to buy into your vision is vital to the success of any culture change campaign and they will help you get the budget – perhaps they have a pot they can pool with yours.

So who might your allies be?

  • HR is planning a new security induction programme.
  • Estates are concerned about physical, site and asset security.
  • Finance is worried that their staff are spear phishing targets.
  • Sales consider customer trust to be a valuable differentiator.
  • Customer Services are preparing for an audit and they know there’ll be security questions.

But there is one group of people who is potentially your strongest and your biggest ally in the business… and the answer might surprise you.

To discover who they are and how you can get them on your side, join Layer 8 for our next Webinar!

Details of the security training webinar

Securing Budget for a More Secure Company Culture: How this CISO achieved just that

HOSTS: Sarah Janes and Tony Dimech (Layer 8) with guest Andy Hodgson, former CISO at BT, Qinetiq and MundiPharma.

WHEN: Thurs 9th November 2017 at 11.00am-11.30am

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