Breakfast Briefing Alerts Businesses to Current Cyber Threats

On a cold and frosty morning last week, deep in the heart of Bedfordshire, Colworth Science Park provided a hearty breakfast of bacon and sausage rolls, and steaming coffee, for the stalwarts attending our Cybersecurity Breakfast Briefing.

Detective Sergeant Bart Haley from the Eastern Regional Organised Crime Unit provided us with an overview of the kinds of cybercrime his team are dealing with on a daily basis, and gave a series of useful links and contacts for anyone experiencing fraud or phishing scams within their business.

Simon Fletcher from Arrowmaker Communications reminded us that learning secure behaviours involves a rewiring jobs inside our heads – humans are curious at heart and just love clicking on links, which is why hackers are so successful!! Just one of the stats he presented supports this observation: Baker Hostetler’s 2015 report on human factor behaviour showed that 53% of data breaches start with human error.

Mike Carter from Layer 8 discussed the importance of conversation when getting employees engaged in cybersecurity issues. Giving people rules to follow tends to turn them off, whilst getting people talking abut their own experiences, and making suggestions regarding enhanced security behaviours tends to have a long-term impact, and ‘stick’ in the mind.

The second half of the event was all about audience questions to the panel, and half an hour wasn’t anywhere near long enough! Our attendees were eager to discuss ways to make their businesses more secure, and to engage with the police in providing information that would make their job of tracking down the hackers easier.

Many thanks to our speakers, our attendees, and Colworth Science Park who sponsored the event.

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