How do you talk about online collaboration tools to your business?

‘I want to use the latest online collaboration tool, what’s your advice on securing it’? “When people start asking me proactively, that’s my measure of success. That was how a conversation ended between me and the Head of Security at a FTSE100 company. It started a little differently – ‘we […]

Layer 8 Presents at CSARN

12th March, Layer 8’s Managing Director Sarah Janes, addressed a highly engaged and insightful audience at CSARN, the City Security and Resilience Network. Talking about the power of conversation and how, if we use conversation strategically, we can measure changes in behaviour. After the event Sarah said: “It is always […]

Layer 8 on Look East

We were visited recently by BBC Look East who are making a feature about DDOS attacks. Our Managing Director, Sarah Janes was interviewed for the feature, about the trial of Adam Mudd who, as a 15-year-old, created software that that cybercriminals bought to launch DDOS attacks. These affected several gaming […]