Layer 8 Presents at CSARN

12th March, Layer 8’s Managing Director Sarah Janes, addressed a highly engaged and insightful audience at CSARN, the City Security and Resilience Network. Talking about the power of conversation and how, if we use conversation strategically, we can measure changes in behaviour. After the event Sarah said: “It is always […]

What Have Beliefs Got To Do With Security Behaviours?

  The problem isn’t passwords; the problem is people and their security behaviours about passwords Take what Tom, an employee, has to say as an example… “Me? I’m useless at security. Last week we were told we’d got to update our passwords… again. I still haven’t done it. See the thing […]

The Real Security Risk That Your Board Needs To Know About

What’s your greatest security risk? Now there’s a question for your board! If you’ve ever asked them, then they might have answered with any of the following: “Being unable to trade because somebody downloaded ransomware from a phishing email.” “Getting a massive fine under GDPR because somebody left customer data […]

Getting Staff to Buy In to Your Security Culture is Crucial

  Imagine a world in which we offer our firefighters, nurses, and teachers theory training only. Imagine that there was no longer the funding available for the rigorous and intensive ‘hands-on’ practice they currently receive, and that in its place they receive an email outlining the incidents they might encounter, […]

The Day the Toaster Turned – an IoT Apocalypse

In security circles they’re already talking about an ‘IoT Zombie Apocalypse’ and that’s got me thinking about whether a zombie army made up of fridges, cameras, toasters, and thermostats could be as bad as the clambering and crawling, flesh-desiring, cadaverous zombies we’ve grown used to since George Romero redefined the […]