Layer 8 – Talking, Creating Employee Awareness of Insider Threats at the Insider Threat Conference 1st Nov

C5’s Insider Threat conference will be taking place 31st October – 1st November in London. The brochure has been released for this two-day, tailored event specifically designed for everyone from Chief Information Officers to Insider Threat Analysts that help support your company’s insider threat strategy. Insider threats are among the […]

In Safe Hands: Why Cultural Values are Key to Security

Amanda Price discusses why Cultural Values are worth investing in. So what are Cultural Values? Think of the National Health Service. For UK citizens it’s personal: It makes us feel proud, it makes us angry if it’s threatened, it’s an emotional locus of our feelings and beliefs about the provision […]

A Christmas Gift for all you Security Professionals out there…

Happy Christmas from Layer 8! It’s that time again! As you read through article after article offering security predictions for 2016, your Christmas wish list will be growing. Will you get everything you’ve asked for, and will there be some things you’ll need to return to the store in January? […]

Security Workshops That Change Behaviour

A PowerPoint security presentation might tick an awareness box, but, Mike Carter argues, far from being a solution to the human factor in security, it’s part of the problem. I’ll bet nobody has escaped the ordeal of a presentation where the speaker used PowerPoint. It’s such a ubiquitous method of […]