The team

Our story and what we care about!

We know people are key to a resilient business.

Reports continually evidence anywhere between 90% and 100% of security breaches are caused through human error. Which means they could have been prevented.

But how?
From our many years in the industry, and backgrounds in training and behavioural psychology, we know that when we change, when we really change, we’ve usually had a conversation. A conversation can help us to make decisions or stick to them or develop new skills. Conversation is our catalyst for change, and if we remove it from our security awareness/culture programmes we lose our ability to change behaviour.

Changing security culture one conversation at a time sounds time-consuming.
But over the last 4 years we have gained experience working with businesses to a point where we now have a tried and tested framework for doing just that.

It started in 2016
with Openreach, we helped them create a network of Security Champions that survives to this day, boasting over 600 Champions. Since then we have supported numerous businesses in their quest for proactive Champions. And now have our own proprietary framework.

Whilst conversation is at the core, there needs to be a place people can go to understand the risks and threats, check their understanding and gain new skills. This happens in the Layer 8 Toolkit®. ​

More recently we recognised sometimes the conversation about security needs to start on a smaller scale. Our clients asked for workshops. From strategy workshops to stakeholder engagement, high risk groups and induction training. Our workshops are carefully designed to impart the information you need, whilst getting people talking and collaborating. This means information is meaningful and the change long lasting.

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Sarah Janes

Managing Director

“What I’m interested in is changing behaviours. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never changed behaviour after reading a poster or policy. It’s conversation that changes culture!”

Sarah has lived and breathed the human factor in security ever since she started her career in-house at BT. Sarah moved on to deliver award-winning behavioural change programmes to FTSE 100 clients at The Security Company, before partnering with the rest of the Layer 8 team to launch a company that combines a diverse set of skills and experience to offer one of the most accessible culture change programmes on the market. 

“We didn’t launch Layer 8 to tick a box. The team embodies a fresh, and sometimes surprising, approach to delivering experiential training. Now there’s a word I never thought I’d see in the same sentence as ‘security’!”

Tony Dimech


“I see it in their eyes. The moment the person I’m speaking to really ‘gets’ how their behaviour impacts security. I’ve even seen people run out of workshops to immediately change their security settings!”

Tony has dedicated his career to sales and business development. Twenty-five years ago, he started his own company delivering training initiatives in over 20 countries for some seriously well-known brands. Numbers are his thing, in case you hadn’t guessed. Also known as the author of ‘Don’t sell, we’re British’, Tony is an expert in turning traditional sales techniques into conversations people will really buy into. 

“Change doesn’t happen unless you’re motivated to adopt new ideas and behaviours. This is exactly what we set out to achieve at Layer 8, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Leanne Mallett

Security Behaviours

“I’ve experienced the impact of security training not being on a company’s agenda, and how it can damage a business financially and emotionally”

Leanne joined the Layer 8 team in 2018. Previously having many years’ experience in the sales sector for both FTSE 100 companies to SME’S. During that time, she has seen various ways in which cyber security awareness is delivered to the workforce.

Leanne has experienced how it affects businesses when training is not at the top of a company’s agenda.

Through conversation Leanne understands our clients then creates plans for developing secure behaviours. Focussing on Layer 8 Live onsite workshops she identifies how they can be delivered to introduce Cyber awareness as an induction, ongoing training or to simply offer content and support to existing programmes.