Together, we’re Layer 8.

It’s experiential cyber security training, and it’s empowering.

We’re subject matter experts, we’re commercially-minded, we’re talented performers. Above all, we’re human.

Layer 8 has delivered change programmes that outsmart over 15 years of debate about tackling cybercrime using technology alone. We combine our experience in security, education and theatre to challenge the status quo, strengthen the human factor in security, and empower leaders to drive the kind of culture change that influences future generations.

And it isn’t just about preventing cyber security breaches. It’s about protecting your reputation, maintaining your share price and contributing effectively to your organisation’s commercial success. We’re here to enhance the network security software that requires straightforward installation and updates. We enable businesses to change employee behaviour through conversation.

We represent the shift from an outdated belief that security professionals only ever tell employees how to behave. Our solution is designed to get people talking, and we know from experience it does just that.

Activate your human firewall with Layer 8 and start transforming your security culture today.

Management Team

Sarah Janes
Managing Director
“Over time I’ve seen priorities shift. Once, communications about security were purely for the purpose of ticking a compliance box. Now, there’s a demand for communication that’s engaging enough to really change behaviour.”
Sarah has lived and breathed the human factor in security ever since she started her career in-house at BT. Sarah moved on to deliver award-winning behavioural change programmes to FTSE 100 clients at The Security Company, before partnering with the rest of the Layer 8 team to launch a company that combines a diverse set of skills and experience to offer one of the most accessible culture change programmes on the market. “We didn’t launch Layer 8 to tick a box. The team embodies a fresh, and sometimes surprising, approach to delivering experiential training. Now there’s a word I never thought I’d see in the same sentence as ‘security’!”
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Tony Dimech
Commercial Director
“Ask me to coach someone and I’ll always begin by taking them out of their comfort zone. And I’ve received rave reviews for it, even if I do say so!”
Tony has dedicated his career to sales and business development. Twenty-five years ago, he started his own company delivering training initiatives in over 20 countries for some seriously well-known brands. Numbers are his thing, in case you hadn’t guessed. Also known as the author of ‘Don’t sell, we’re British’, Tony is an expert in turning traditional sales techniques into conversations people will really buy into.“Change doesn’t happen unless you’re motivated to adopt new ideas and behaviours. This is exactly what we set out to achieve at Layer 8, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”
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