Computer Security Threats in London

Computer Security Threats in London

A Range of Computer Security Threats in London

With 1 in 3 private sector businesses currently located in London or the South East, there’s little wonder that the cyber security threats in London outstrip the rest of the country. In our capital city alone, there’s 1.1 million targets for cyber criminals, who are consistently introducing new strains of ransomware, phishing emails, and social engineering scams month on month.

So how can we mount a counter-attack against the onslaught of a cybercrime industry that works 24 hours a day to outwit and manipulate employees into giving away valuable data?

The answer may surprise you – it starts with a conversation.

Protecting Data from Security Threats in London

The businesses that are most successful at countering cyber security threats in London are those that have invested in an embedded security conversation that is conducted at board meetings, over cups of coffee, in team briefing sessions, and throughout induction sessions. These businesses know that people are the solution to making security work in practice, and they recognise that the way to make that happen is through a company-wide engagement in the issues and practices which it comprises.

Daily Awareness of Security Threats in London

Many security awareness programmes present training as an ‘event’ that takes people away from their daily business, either onto a CBT or into a workshop presentation. We think that’s too ‘blocky’ and cumbersome. The Layer 8 Toolkit provides training that is ‘business as usual’ day in, day out. Our cyber security toolkit provides:

  • Daily security notifications
  • Articles providing behaviour-based guidance on security practices
  • Videos and animations
  • Monthly compliance testing using scenarios and multiple-choice questions

Our aim is to engage employees in the security issues that affect them, and their working life. How do we do that? By making security relevant, engaging, and equally important at home and at work.

Our customers tell us that security needs to be on employees’ radar everyday if they’re to stand any chance of defending their business against cyber security threat in London. The Layer 8 cyber security toolkit provides security stories, guidance and training via mobile or the web, 365 days of the year.

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