Cyber Awareness for Bedfordshire

Cyber Awareness for Bedfordshire

Layer 8 Provides Cyber Awareness for Bedfordshire Businesses

The Layer 8 team kicked off 2017 with our Cyber Security Breakfast Briefing for Bedfordshire businesses, and we’ve been busy ever since helping local companies, big and small, understand the importance of cyber awareness in Bedfordshire. It’s been great to be part of NatWest Boost events, offering cyber security tips and advice alongside Bedfordshire Cyber Protect Officer Sean O’Neill of the Eastern Region Organised Crime Unit, in locations as diverse as museums, libraries and even the MK Dons Stadium in Milton Keynes. We have been surprised and delighted to see how engaged Bedfordshire business people are when it comes to finding out more about cybersecurity.

Talking About the Human Factor in Cyber Awareness for Bedfordshire

At Layer 8 our focus is the ‘human factor’ in cybersecurity. Over half of the attacks on Bedfordshire businesses in 2017 involved targeting employees. This takes the form of phishing emails, ransomware links, SMS texts, or websites containing malicious links, phone calls, or tailgating. However good your tech defences, these can all count for nothing if your workforce doesn’t understand the cybersecurity basics around defending your company’s sensitive and valuable assets. Layer 8 is committed to giving local businesses the tools to strengthen employee understanding of cybersecurity, and activate their ‘human firewall’.

Engaging Bedfordshire Employees in Cyber Awareness

‘Switching on your human firewall’ is all about getting employee buy-in and that starts with engaging materials and resources. Businesses attending our successful local presentations in Bedfordshire are looking for ways to raise their employees’ cyber awareness. Layer 8’s response to that is a cyber awareness toolkit – an online communications suite with engaging resources designed to raise employee cyber awareness and give them the tools and information they need to protect themselves and their business online. Materials available in the cyber awareness toolkit include:

The Layer 8 cyber awareness toolkit also comes with experiential learning. Altogether it enables three things: it raises awareness, it improves security behaviour, and it develops security culture.

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