Cyber Awareness for Cambridgeshire Businesses

Layer 8 Provides Cyber Awareness for Cambridgeshire Businesses

Are Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Oxford on track to become the UK’s Silicon Valley?

A recent report from Irwin Mitchell and the Centre for Economics and Business Research has demonstrated growth in these three cities to be significantly outstripping that of Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. Both their proximity to London and local access to world-leading research makes the Oxford – Milton Keynes – Cambridge arc a magnet to strong investment.

“Growth for Cambridgeshire’s 100 largest businesses is far outstripping the UK national growth rate of 0.4% and this once again demonstrates what a vibrant economy Cambridgeshire offers.” Paul Brown, director at Grant Thornton

Cyber Awareness for Cambridgeshire Businesses is Essential

The top 100 companies in Cambridge include pharmaceuticals, automotive, digital and retail. The highly developed business infrastructure around the city has proved enticing for SMEs and start-ups who want to be part of the booming economy. No matter what the size, or the sector, cyber security will always need to be a priority for businesses holding customer data, intellectual property, or highly confidential research. NatWest holds regular cyber security training seminars for businesses in the Cambridgeshire region, and Layer 8 works alongside the Regional Organised Crime Unit as part of these, providing information, scenario-based training, and resources for businesses seeking cyber security basics.

Engaging Cyber Awareness for Cambridgeshire Businesses

When we present to businesses in Cambridge we hear again and again that time is harder to come by than budget for cyber security training. At Layer 8 we’ve been developing a solution which allows employees to engage with readable articles, and entertaining films about cyber security as part of their daily schedule, rather than having to attend ‘blocky’ cyber security training sessions. The BeMoreSecure app can be downloaded onto any mobile platform for viewing or reading, and content is refreshed each month to cover a new topic. Cyber security compliance is included, in the form of interactive scenario-based questions and quizzes, and the content supports the ISO27001 and NIST frameworks for information security.

At Layer 8 we believe that proactive cyber security is a conversation that everyone in the business is part of and every one of our resources are designed to get that conversation started.


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