Cyber Security Toolkit

Cyber Security Toolkit


Cyber Security Toolkit for Securing the Human Factor in Your Business

Ever wondered why cybersecurity is such a hot topic? The Layer 8 team recently had the opportunity to talk to some pioneer computer programmers, who were involved back in the early days of computing in the 60s and 70s. They explained that their priority was communication and connectivity; securing the channels against hackers wasn’t an issue. As a result, security was never ‘built in’ to computer programmes and platforms as they developed, leaving the ever-growing number of users vulnerable to cyber-attack. Our pioneers explained that the current combination of inexperienced users and a rapidly developing, poorly secured internet, means that every business, whatever the size, needs to prioritise training their employees in cybersecurity to defend company assets.

A Cyber Security Toolkit to Educate and Engage Your Employees

Cybersecurity is all about securing, not only the technology but also the environment in which the tech operates. That means that engaging your employees when it comes to being alert and proactive digital defenders is as important as having an effective firewall and anti-virus. The Layer 8 Cyber Toolkit has been developed to help businesses to activate their human firewall. How do we do it? We provide a range of articles, mini-dramas, daily cyber security tips, scenario-based tests, and audio resources in a monthly magazine-type format with the focus on a new theme each month. Cybersecurity awareness doesn’t have to be dull; the Layer 8 Cyber Toolkit is designed to pique curiosity, raise a smile and develop awareness for each of its participants.

A Cyber Security Toolkit with a Difference

So why should your employees want to engage with the Cyber Security Toolkit? Because we have developed our materials in response to hundreds of conversations with employees and security professionals. Cyber Security Basics will make your company compliant, but in order for your business environment to be alert to current threats, aware of existing vulnerabilities, and consistently proactive, you need employees who:

  • Understand how to behave securely in the workplace
  • Recognise why cybersecurity is their responsibility
  • Have the desire to defend the business as part of their job role.

The Layer 8 Cyber Security Toolkit offers you the opportunity to educate your organisation and help employees to understand the vital role they play in managing business assets, and providing a human firewall to stop cybercriminals gaining unauthorised access on a daily basis.

If you’d like to find out more about the cybersecurity awareness packages we offer as part of the Layer 8 Cyber Security Toolkit, or you’d like to talk to us about securing your business environment, take a look at our website resources, or call us on 0800 772 0372.

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