Cyber Toolkit For London Businesses

Cyber Toolkit for London Businesses

An Exciting New Cyber Toolkit for London Businesses

The Layer 8 team enjoys nothing more than delivering interactive cyber security awareness workshops, and consultancy, but a lot of our London clients have been telling us that ‘time is harder to come by than budget’; they want a solution that employees can access every day, full of great advice and cyber security tips, written in a friendly and engaging manner. Over the past six months we’ve been developing our latest Cyber Security Awareness Toolkit which ticks all those boxes – and promises a great user experience for London businesses.

New Cyber Toolkit for London Businesses in an App

Smart phone ownership has grown from 52% in 2012 to 85% in 2017, whilst – over the same period – laptop ownership stalled. Deloitte carried out a Mobile Consumer Survey  in 2017 which found that over half of their respondents are using their phones for business as well as private purposes. This growing trend suggests that its our phone we’ll be turning to more and more of the apps we want to access – which is why Layer 8 are launching a new Cyber Security Awareness Toolkit app.

A Cyber Toolkit for London Businesses That gets People Talking

The new Cyber Security Awareness Toolkit is designed to inform, engage, and get people talking about cyber threats, information security, GDPR, and social engineering scams. Subscribers will be able to access:

  • Films featuring real people managing real security problems in the workplace
  • Motion graphic animations offering a new perspective on security
  • Short articles that make you think, provide knowledge, and offer practical advice
  • A scenario-based compliance test that asks ‘What Would You Do?’ when face with a range of tricky security dilemmas
  • Daily notifications bringing you news, stats and stories around cyber security.

We’re all having to ‘learn on the job’ when it comes to internet security awareness; Layer 8 is committed to providing useful information for the workplace, that’s also engaging, plain talking, and useful at home and at work.

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