The Objective

A large organisation in the utilities sector challenged us to support them in developing a culture where secure behaviours are business as usual for their majority itinerant workforce. This customer had been tasked to encourage all employees to adopt more secure behaviours, regardless of role or business unit. They recognised the importance of conversation in initiating change, but beyond some initial outlay, the security team needed a solution that wouldn’t add to their existing workload.

The Solution

We worked strategically with this customer to develop a network of security champions, from recruitment to onboarding. Their bespoke Layer 8 solution included an initial Layer 8 Live workshop for key stakeholders, designed to demonstrate the value of this security culture change initiative and generate practical ideas for wider implementation.

We led a series of security champion recruitment events and Layer 8 Culture Change workshops throughout Q1 2016. This activity enabled colleagues to lead the conversation about security and develop a sustainable culture change programme.

The Outcomes

• The discussion about security went viral – 100s of new conversations were reported to have taken place within a few months of initiating the programme.
• Change was evident in the company’s Q2 financial reports – incidents dropped enough to report a positive reduction in security-related costs. They continue to see a reduction in both areas.
• Newly appointed Security Champions reported on immediate changes in behaviour as a result of having the tools and framework to drive a more secure culture across the organisation.