GDPR Reasons to Be Cheerful

GDPR Reasons to Be Cheerful

It’s fast upon us! Come May, the GDPR will be law, with much-publicised fines that will hurt businesses which either fail to report a data breach of personally identifiable data within 72 hours or are unable to demonstrate that their data governance systems and operations are sufficiently equipped to mitigate the risks to that data. Businesses are working hard to get their houses in order and compliance is a key feature of the work they are doing. But is mere compliance enough?

GDPR – Holistic Security Culture Change

At Layer 8, we believe compliance is best tackled through a holistic approach to culture change. It’s an opportunity to galvanise every department, and it requires cross-departmental collaboration: as data assets are passed between departments, everyone must work together to protect them. GDPR can create a focus and an impetus for good data governance processes. It’s an opportunity to take stock, review policies and practices, and get our house in order. It encourages the development of a strong, proactive security culture through conversations about our values and how we do things: people have to talk about what matters to them and how their actions demonstrate that.

GDPR – Raising the Profile of Security in Your Business

We see the GDPR as a watershed moment for security and an optimal chance for CISOs to levy the support of their boards and get buy-in for people-centred security and culture change. Rather than fearing the GDPR, we find the opportunities it presents us, and our clients, refreshing. Perhaps first and foremost, it raises the profile of security and it’s a great way to promote the need for awareness, taking responsibility and doing the right thing.

In the next webinar in our People in Security series we’ll be discussing compliance, culture change and how to use the GDPR as way to kick-start culture change. Please join us.


Details of the webinar

TITLE: Minimise Risk – using people to prove compliance

HOSTS: Sarah Janes (Managing Director) and Amanda Price (Creative Director – Operations)

WHEN: Thurs 8th March 2018 at 11.00am-11.30am


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