Hertfordshire Phishing Scams Awareness

Hertfordshire Phishing Scams Awareness


Developing Hertfordshire Phishing Scams Awareness

The ancient county of Hertfordshire can trace its history back to the tenth century, but it’s also a powerful contributor to the UK’s 21st century cultural and economic status. Hertfordshire is home to the Warner Brothers’ Leavesden Studios where the Harry Potter films were made, the world-ranking University of Hertfordshire, as well as a host of global businesses including DSG International, BAE Systems, GlaxoSmithKline and Tesco UK headquarters. As a hub of industry Hertfordshire is attracting not only world-class students, investors and clients, but also world-class hackers who are keen to take advantage using phishing emails to catch out the unwary.

Raising Hertfordshire Phishing Scams Awareness

Local newspapers offer regular updates and advice for phishing security in Hertfordshire, and the University of Hertfordshire’s Students’ Union is proactive in its warnings to new students to look out for phishing emails. One of the problems we hear regularly from business owners is that even when staff have been trained what to look for in phishing emails there’s still no guarantee that they won’t click on a malicious link the next time they receive one. That’s where a more holistic approach to security culture in Hertfordshire businesses could pay dividends.

Proactive Security Culture Incorporates phishing awareness in Hertfordshire

Whether your business employs five or fifty thousand people, it won’t be sure unless every single employee understands their responsibilities as a frontline defender of the company ‘crown jewels’. The Layer 8 Cyber Toolkit provides employees with ongoing security awareness materials including:

  • Context – knowing why hackers target employees using phishing emails helps to understand why it’s so important to defend against them.
  • Strategy – Looking for tell-tale signs like poor punctuation, or fuzzy graphics helps, but it’s also important to think about what times of the day or week hackers are likely to target the business.
  • Tactics – Creating clear rules and guidelines for yourself to employ every time you receive an unexpected email.

The Layer 8 Cyber Toolkit drives up phishing awareness in Hertfordshire by helping employees to understand the threat clearly, and plan for effective defending whenever the threat arises.

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