How can a CISO get budget for the Human Factor

How can a CISO get budget for the Human Factor? Hear what this one has to say…


A CISO who wants buy-in and budget to tackle the human factor in security is a kind of entrepreneur…

…Holding up a vision and selling it to people who may or may not be resistant. People are at the heart of the vast majority of damaging data breaches yet, even though there is a compelling case for businesses to invest in their people with training and resources and initiatives, allocating more budget to a coherent strategy to raise awareness, change behaviours and develop culture is still something of a new and ‘novel’ idea. Most people treat new things with suspicion until they see others using them or doing them or buying them. You need ‘early adopters’, then others will follow.

Join the Layer 8 team and special guest, Andy Hodgson (former CISO for BT, Qinetiq and MundiPharma) for a fascinating insight into the trials, tribulations and – let it be said – significant successes of a leader in security.

We’ll be asking Andy about how he sold the security to the business and the ‘sales techniques’ he used to win budget. 

We’ll be picking his brains on a strategy for security culture change that works.

We’ll be delving into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making alliances and pitching for a budget.

And there will be a chance for you the listeners to put your own questions to Andy.

So do join us for our webinar!

Details of the webinar

Securing Budget for a More Secure Company Culture: How this CISO achieved just that

HOSTS: Sarah Janes and Tony Dimech (Layer 8) with guest Andy Hodgson, former CISO at BT, Qinetiq and MundiPharma.

WHEN: Thurs 9th November 2017 at 11.00am-11.30am

Sign up here…

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