How to measure changes in security behaviours and culture

How to measure changes in security behaviours and culture

Back in March Layer 8’s MD had an awesome discussion with Jinan Budge of Forrester Research. Jinan and her team were creating a paper on ‘how to measure changes in security behaviour and culture’.

A definitive answer to this question is one that has alluded our industry for years! The research is now out and we were excited to read a number of really fresh and innovative ideas. One of these ideas was contributed by our team. We talk about the how organisations can use Security Champions to measure real change in behaviours. Your Security Champions operate at the grassroots of your business and they can see change happening in real-time. Not only are they your eyes and ears, but they can facilitate the process of change at an operational level, were it matters.

We recommend you have a read of the research for all the other ideas and techniques that are discussed. You can download the report here:

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