How to Prevent Phishing

How to Prevent Phishing

How to Prevent Phishing – 10 Tips to Halt the Hackers

Phishing scams have been around for quite a while now, and probably most of the people reading this will know that the aim of the phisher is to get users to click on an infected link in an email, or in an advert, or a FB post, with the result that malware is then downloaded onto their device. Often this leads to a hacker being able to take control of the device, or – at the very least – to be able to read all emails from the originating account.

A recent experiment conducted by Dr Zinaida Benenson of Friedrich-Alexander University, Germany, however, showed that knowing about phishing doesn’t always lead to not taking the bait. Dr Benenson questioned the test group on their knowledge of phishing scams; 78% responded by saying that they understood the risks, but that didn’t stop 45% clicking on the phishing link in the first batch, and 25% in the second batch.

Ongoing Advice on How to Prevent Phishing

It’s a cat-and-mouse game when it comes to phishing protection; no matter how many phishing examples you’re shown, you can be sure that there are 100s of others out there that can catch you out.

Here are 10 tips from the Layer 8 team for preventing phishing:

  1. Don’t click on any links in emails that are unexpected or unsolicited.
  2. Don’t expect a phishing email to look like a phishing email – most don’t.
  3. If you receive an email at work that makes you scared, anxious or excited, it’s probably a phishing email – phishers love to trip your emotional triggers.
  4. Never go to your bank’s website via a link in an email.
  5. If a customer, colleague or boss sends an email with an ‘out of the blue’ request, phone the sender to verify it before clicking on any links.
  6. Avoid clicking on any unknown links on Facebook.
  7. Make sure you have up-to-date anti-virus software but don’t depend on it.
  8. Trust your gut instinct – if you feel there’s something wrong, there probably is.
  9. Keep up-to-date with the latest scams via ScamWatch
  10. Report any scams you come across, so other people know what to avoid.

Layer 8 Help Employees Learn How to Avoid Phishing

At Layer 8 we use experiential training for employees who spend every day on the frontline for their businesses, defending their customers’ data from cybercriminals. If your business needs help educating your employees to activate your human firewall, call us to talk about our Layer 8 Live Social Engineering Workshops.

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