I cried today

I Cried Today

I cried today…

Today I cried. My daughter came home from school she’s being bullied about pictures online.

Today I got angry. My Mum called in tears; her lifesavings taken by a fraudster. How can they do that to an old lady?

Today I’m wracked with guilt. I paid a fake invoice. I genuinely thought it was from my boss.

Today I’m afraid. My friend posted a picture of me I didn’t want anyone else to see. I’ve got a job interview next week.

All of this made possible through my actions on social media!


Is this our future?

Should we submit to a future where this is normal? Do we shrug our shoulders and say, ‘this is the price we pay for living in a digital world?’ Do we close our accounts and stop being so visible?

I say no. There is a way to be visible and more secure.


Adopting security behaviours

Having worked in the security community for quite some time now I’ve heard many reasons for why people don’t adopt secure practices. Starting with ‘lazy, stupid and ignorant’. Progressing to ‘lack of awareness’. To today’s view, and mine, ‘people need a catalyst to change, and it is our job in security to provide that catalyst’.


What’s a catalyst for change?

Well that may be different for each person. One may need more knowledge. Another may lack desire. Someone else may need context for their situation. And others may be willing but need help to facilitate the change.


Using conversation as the catalyst for change

I’ve always believed that conversation is a strong catalyst for change. Conversation can give context, meaning, make things relevant. It allows people to seek deeper understanding and collaborate on change.

But I’ve seen it too. Over lockdown I was fortunate enough to work on a number of Security Champions programmes and see first-hand that when people are given the opportunity talk about security, they come up with, and stick to, the most awesome ideas for change. If you want to know more about this approach (using conversation as a catalyst for change) I encourage you to download our paper on developing secure behaviours from our resources page.


 Get the conversation started – a practical challenge

Prompted by Cyber Security Awareness Month we’ve created a challenge for you, your friends, family and colleagues.

Are you a Social Media Security Master?  Is a short, fun quiz filled with lots of advice, for example how do disable targeted ads and how to find out what the internet knows about you.

The aim of the quiz is three-fold:

  • Something you can share that gets people thinking about the impact of their actions on social media.
  • Provides useful advice and guidance.
  • Research into people’s social media security behaviours.

The challenge is completely anonymous, but we will be using the results to help identify some of the most challenging behaviours people find when using social media and staying secure.

Research will be publicly available – We will be making all the research public to help guide your own security awareness programmes.

Get involved – get your teams involved by heading to Kahoot.it using the game PIN 065976

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