IT Security Training for London businesses

IT Security Training for London businesses

The Risk is Highest Where Employees Believe They Are Secure

We often begin our workshops with businesses by asking employees how confident they feel that they are able to work securely on a day-to-day basis. More often than not the majority of hands are raised. Then we dig a little further to find out what this confidence is based on and we discover that, for the most part, there is a belief that IT deal with security by installing software. Employees are able to feel secure each day, therefore, because someone else takes care of it.

Perhaps this is why phishing emails continue to be clicked on, and tailgaters still manage to gain access to premises – because ultimately the responsibility for securing the business is seen to lie with IT, rather than with every single employee. Misplaced confidence can be a huge risk to London businesses.

IT Security Training for London Businesses Explores Employee Responsibility

We are currently working with a number of London businesses to develop an understanding of the responsibility each employee has for securing the business. Hackers play a cat-and-mouse game, constantly changing their tactics – a proactive workforce is the only way to counter this. Employees tell us that they want to protect the business, but they need ongoing support and information in order to do so. That’s why we’ve developed the Layer 8 internet security toolkit.

Mobile IT Security Training for London Businesses

Our security toolkit for London businesses delivers information, advice, tips and compliance questions to every single employee every day – straight to their mobile device. Time, we know, is hard to come by, so our resources will never take up more than 2 minutes, and the films, articles, quizzes and scenario-based questions can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Cyber security for London businesses is now a must-have, and securing your people is perhaps the most difficult aspect. At Layer 8 we work with employees to find ways in which they can understand their responsibility as defenders of the business by behaving securely, understanding the risks the business faces daily, and proactively responding to threats when they encounter them. The security toolkit for London businesses gives every employee the tools they need to protect valuable assets at work and at home.

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