Cyber Threat Training for Milton Keynes

Layer 8 is Delighted to Provide Cyber Threat Training for Milton Keynes

Layer 8 is Delighted to Provide Cyber Threat Training for Milton Keynes

The Layer 8 offices are located in Sharnbrook, just twenty miles from the busy commercial hub of Milton Keynes, and we do a lot of work with MK start-ups and commercial businesses who are at different stages when it comes to developing their cybersecurity strategy. It’s always the case that there’s a dramatic increase in phone calls from MK businesses after a cyber threat has hit the headlines, such as the Wannacry virus, or the TalkTalk breach. Whatever the initial reason for calling, the first thing we do when developing a cybersecurity strategy for Milton Keynes businesses is to find out whether they have any cyber threat intelligence courses in place currently, and work from there.

Bespoke Cyber Threat Training for Milton Keynes

Whether you’re looking for specific cybersecurity training on ‘phishing’ for employees, or you want to develop a holistic security culture with a human firewall at the heart of it, the Layer 8 Cyber Toolkit provides a range of interventions to make your business more secure:

  • Interactive cybersecurity education for Milton Keynes – offering experiential problem-solving workshops that allow employees to try out their skills on acted scenarios, before testing them in the real world of cybercrime.
  • Cyber threat intelligence courses for Milton Keynes – in which security professionals, or champions, learn to analyse the risks threatening their business, and create a strategy designed to strengthen known vulnerabilities, in order to develop secure, proactive behaviours across the business.
  • People-Centred Cybersecurity strategy for Milton Keynes businesses – Layer 8 has a great reputation for ‘growing’ security champion networks across medium to large businesses. The effects of ‘making security go viral’ is fast, effective, and long-lasting.

Talk to us About Cyber Threat Training in Milton Keynes

Whatever stage you’re at with your cybersecurity strategy, we can help to develop your employees’ awareness, skills, and responsiveness in the face of threat. Give us a call for a free initial consultation which includes advice and guidance you can put into action immediately.

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