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Layer 8 & FACES Launch Tech4Children Campaign

It is thought that in some areas of the UK up to 70% of children do not have access to IT equipment. We don’t need to tell you that in a world that has been forced ‘online’ those children have a major disadvantage. Unable to contact their friends, and critically unable to keep up with schoolwork.

For children in families already faced with difficult issues such as mental/physical health, domestic abuse, poverty and behavioural issues the situation is dire. “In some families there is one just one SmartPhone and they’re trying to share that between multiple adults and children”, said Wendie Harvey CEO of FACES. “We are extremely concerned about our families. The lack of access to technology at a time like this increases the poverty and education gap”.

FACES (Family and Children’s Early-help Services) is a well-established local independent charity offering practical and emotional support to families under stress.

Over the coming months Layer 8 ltd will be working alongside FACES to source much needed hardware such as Laptops (with power cables) for children to keep up with their education at home during these unprecedented times.

We are appealing to the many wonderful connections we have out there to have a good rummage around your IT cupboard, and to please get in touch if you have a laptop(s) you would be willing to donate. Please email us at and we will send you further information on how to donate.

Watch the interview with Wendie and Layer 8’s MD Sarah Janes to find out more about the children and families you would be supporting.

Postage and packaging can be reclaimed from the Charity if required!

We will be reformatting the adding new software to all devices before redistributing them.

Please share this post far and wide, let’s all come together to supply the children with the laptops they need for their education.



About FACES – FACES supports children and families faced with difficult issues such as mental and physical health, domestic abuse, poverty, child sexual exploitation and behavioural issues via a range of quality-tested services and family support groups, many led by the team of dedicated volunteers.

About Layer 8 – Layer 8 are security behaviour change practitioners with a focus getting people talking and collaborating about security to reduce risk.

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