Layer 8 Partner With Imagefix to Keep Bedfordshire SMEs Cybersecure

When we launched our free Layer 8 Toolkit subscription in January this year, our aim was to give small to medium sized businesses a way to start protecting their businesses against cybercrime without lack of budget being a barrier. As companies grow we hope that their cybersecurity budget will grow with them, and we have a range of subscription levels to suit businesses at all stages of their growth. We’re always looking for new ways to introduce EXPLORE, our free subscription, and Imagefix have provided us with an exciting and innovative opportunity to do so.

Getting Bedfordshire’s Small Business Owners Engaged in Cybersecurity

Garry West and Tina Loan who run Imagefix, a design and marketing agency based in Wrest Park Bedfordshore, attended the Layer 8 ‘Cybersecurity Breakfast Briefing’ earlier this year and they stayed behind to talk to us afterwards. They work with a number of small and start-up businesses and they had been worried for a while that there was very little awareness of the range of cyber-threats they could fall victim to, without taking care to protect their digital assets and learn more about cybersecurity. They asked if we’d be willing to partner with them get Bedfordshire small business-owners engaged.

Layer 8’s EXPLORE Free Subscription is the Ideal Solution for SMEs

Garry told us stories of young companies who have had to pay hefty fines in order to retrieve their data, following a ransomware attack, or have seen their Search Engine rating plummeting as the result of a data breach. We found a simple way to work together on providing EXPLORE to Imagefix clients; Layer 8 now offer both their EXPLORE and INITIATE subscriptions on the Imagefix website, where customers can sign up direct. Garry and Tina are pleased to have a resource they can trust to recommend to their clients, and Layer 8 are always available for practical advice should it be required.

A Cybersecurity Solution That Grows With Your Business

So what do EXPLORE and INITIATE provide small businesses with?

EXPLORE (Free) – a weekly ‘Doo’ which is a one-minute read that could be a factoid, task, handy tip or news story – all designed to get you up to speed on current cybersecurity threats.

INITIATE – A daily 1-minute ‘Doo’ informing, advising and warning employees about the latest scams and threats, all of which helps you to improve your security behaviour.

The idea is that subscribing to a weekly, or daily reminder that cybersecurity is on your radar, will allow you to start to get you thinking about where your risks and vulnerabilities lie, and how you want to tackle them as you grow.

Imagefix and Layer 8 Care About Securing the Future of Local Businesses

Whilst Imagefix and Layer 8 work in very different fields, we share a commitment to providing highly professional services to small and medium sized local businesses. We’re very excited by our new partnership, bringing together design and security, and we look forward to helping a range of businesses as they build their customer base and their digital assets.



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