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Layer 8 Provides Cyber Safety Training in Bedford

Layer 8 Provides Cyber Safety Training in Bedford

2017 was the year when cyber security professionals started to talk about the ‘human solution’ as the most effective way to secure your company against hackers. Here’s what Alison Miller from Google had to say:

“Humans are the target. We can rely on tech to protect the tech, but a lot of the attacks that we see are really bad human behaviour that’s attacking other human behaviour. The number one cause of large security breaches is still phishing – its tricking someone. So looking for more human solutions to those problems is the way to go.”

At Layer 8 we’ve been offering people-centric cyber safety training for a number of years now, and we’re delighted to see it being placed, more and more, at the centre of businesses’ cyber security strategies.

Why Cyber Safety Training in Bedford is Important

The latest figures from the Information Commissioner’s Office shows that over half of the cyberattacks in the UK are targeted against employees rather than tech. This might take the form of a phishing email with a link that downloads malware once its clicked, or a ransomware demand for money in return for your data, or it may be as simple as a helpful employee letting someone tailgate them into the building, never suspecting it’s a hacker they’re letting in. Employees are often called ‘the weakest link’ when it comes to defending business assets, but this doesn’t mean they’re feckless, lazy or unconcerned; in the vast majority of cases employees are caught out because they’re snowed under with work, they want to help someone out, or they just didn’t realise the buck stopped with them.

People-Centric Cyber Safety Training in Bedford

Layer 8 offers experiential cyber safety training to employees in small and large businesses. We don’t just tell people what they should do; we work with live acted scenarios which show how social engineers operate, and give employees the opportunity to model best practice security behaviours. So, if they suspect they’re being scammed, they know how to respond. If you’re looking for effective cyber safety training in Bedford, the Layer 8 cyber toolkit is packed with engaging communications packages, live workshops and innovative ideas to help you activate your human firewall.

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