Building the Business Case for Security Culture - New White Paper

Layer 8 – Talking, Creating Employee Awareness of Insider Threats at the Insider Threat Conference 1st Nov

C5’s Insider Threat conference will be taking place 31st October – 1st November in London.

The brochure has been released for this two-day, tailored event specifically designed for everyone from Chief Information Officers to Insider Threat Analysts that help support your company’s insider threat strategy.

Insider threats are among the most difficult for organisations to detect and stop. Many are unaware that their security vulnerabilities within their enterprise can result in a major breach.

Download the latest conference brochure.

Register online or reply back to this email today to make sure you don’t miss out on the cheapest price of £750.00.

Layer 8’s Managing Director, Sarah Janes, will be talking about creating employee understanding of insider threats, and tackling that tricky topic, how do you get people to take responsibility for security?

“I’m delighted to be talking at this year’s conference, my session will tackle the tricky topic of turning awareness of how to behave into actual changes in behaviour, I look forward to seeing you there.”
Sarah Janes – Layer 8

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