Unscripted, our customers’ stories.

“Whenever I meet with the Layer 8 team, I always come away inspired.”

Over to our customers to talk about some of the work we’re most proud of.


“Working with Layer 8 has enabled me to make the seemingly impossible, possible.  When we discussed building a security team of 33,000 employees I had difficulty imagining how this could be achieved without spending a lot of money.  Layer 8 have shown me this is possible and provided the framework and support with which to achieve this.  Culture change won’t happen overnight but it began as soon as my conversation started with Layer 8.”

Bernie Auguste (General Manager of Security)
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“The best tech in the world, the best policies in the world, won’t stop people making bad decisions, The Layer 8 approach is about helping people, with tools and awareness that’s tailored to them, to help them understand why they’re vulnerable in their workplace, and help them to make better decisions when the time comes and they’re put on the spot.”

Stefan Treloar
Head of Information Security


“Creating a Security Culture takes time, and requires knowledge, skill and experience to develop the right strategy for your organisation. Layer 8 provide that capability and have worked in partnership with our Security Committee. Professional, innovative and supportive are three words I would use to describe Layer 8.”

Tony Doran
European Director of IS, NSK Europe Ltd

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“Cyber-attacks and social engineering scams have become a major concern for SMEs in the manufacturing sector. The Layer 8 Toolkit has been an ideal way for my staff to learn about current threats and understand their responsibility to protect data. They like the resources, which are amusing and informative, and we regularly use them in team meetings. I was only looking for some materials to educate staff, but the Layer 8 Toolkit gives us a lot more – it’s proving to be a platform for changes in our behaviours and our culture. “

David Hurley
Managing Director, PDJ Vibro

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“The DailySecure, and BeMoreSecure materials are very readable and engaging. The Layer 8 Toolkit is a very accessible resource, offering meaningful measurement of behavioural activity, and it certainly gets my endorsement for implementation. A very refreshing offering in the modern age of cut throat software and training providers who lack the spirit of partnership.”

Karl Ellis
Director of IT

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‘’The top priority for me is knowing that everyone in my business is on the same page when it comes to securing customer data and the Layer 8 Toolkit is pretty unique in being able to offer a product that delivers on that. I’m impressed by the quality of the writing, the freshness of the ideas and the practical security advice available every day. Crucially it also gives me the ability to measure improvement and demonstrate my return on investment – an impressive product all round!’’

Robin Thompson

Planning for GDPR

GDPR regulations become enforceable in 2018. We ran a series of workshops to enable our customer to assess risks and develop more secure information management practices across the business ahead of these regulations being enforced. Their Layer 8 champions network achieved a sustainable people-focused solution to enhance information audit and governance.

Phishing and social engineering

Increasingly sophisticated phishing emails were slipping the net. Our bespoke workshop designed for high-risk business units put our client’s colleagues in the criminals’ shoes. A combination of experiential and educational training exposed vulnerabilities and influenced key changes in behaviour. Now, colleagues own an actionable strategy to identify scams and prevent data leaks.

Developing a network of champions

This customer wanted to create a culture where secure behaviours are BAU. We recruited a network of security champions and led a programme of Layer 8 Culture Change workshops to initiate and sustain the conversation. The number of incidents reported soon dropped enough to report a positive reduction in security-related costs.