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The Layer 8 Toolkit® is an online communications suite filled with everything you need to activate your human firewall.

Educate your colleagues to manage and protect their information assets better than ever before

Reduce the volume of
day-to-day security incidents

Spend more time focussing on securing every layer of your business to support your organisation’s commercial success

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Make the connection between culture and quarterly reports with the Layer 8 Management Information suite.

Survey attitudes and awareness. Measure change with real-time data at an organisational and individual level without compromising on your day-to-day responsibilities.



Get even more out of your cultural transformation programme with some extra

Our team are experts at strategic planning, delivering security champion training and facilitating experiential workshops where people really learn.

Layer 8 Live

Layer 8 Live workshops use experiential learning to engage people with security at home and at work.

Our dynamic approach includes conversation, storytelling, and the chance to sit in the Director’s chair for a day. Intrigued? Good.

Layer 8 Live workshops give your colleagues an arena to test their own understanding of what it means to be secure, and challenge what they could do differently.

Post-workshop, you’ll get a short report on findings and action points. It should come in useful next time you’re refreshing security policies or updating best practice guides.

Social engineering

Won’t get fooled again

Our ½ day workshop uses scenario-based problem solving and interactive sessions to explore different social engineering methods and challenge colleagues to solve gaps in security.

Remote working

Protect your mobile office

Remind colleagues to prioritise the security of company data and assets when they’re working away from the office. We’ll cover best practice behaviours and discuss ideas for business-wide adoption of this increasingly important policy.

Data Handling

Handle with care

Take colleagues on a tour of your current data handling process and reiterate their relationship to the people behind the personal information you hold.

A case for security

Getting the Board on board

Kick-start a more compelling case for security culture change with your senior managers and execs. This workshop is about articulating business risks and the benefits of a more secure colleague culture and leading the change using a language your Board members will listen to.


A policy people will sign up to

This one’s all about collaboration. We’ll figure out your BYOD policy with the help of everyone involved, covering the benefits as well as the basics. 

Managing a breach

Developing a response strategy

 There’s more to a security breach than network issues. PR, profit and people all play a part in being prepared to respond to a high-profile security incident. We’ll deep dive into some real examples and work out what we’d do better.

Layer 8 Culture Change

Helping your security champions become leaders.

Layer 8 Culture Change is a bespoke package. Cut to fit your culture, it’s designed to stimulate measurable change, fast. We believe effective change begins with solutions, not problems.

Our approach uses the five principles of Appreciative Inquiry to promote accountability and empower people to protect themselves, and their organisation, from potentially devastating cyber attacks and physical security incidents.

Delivered as one-off sessions or an intensive three-day programme.

Making culture change possible

We’ll introduce participants to the five principles of Appreciative Inquiry and explore opportunities to change behaviour

Influencing change, strategically

This full day workshop invites attendees to gain a deeper, practical understanding of the five principles. We’ll define exactly how you’re going to start influencing security culture by celebrating what works in your organisation and collaborating to drive business-wide change.

Making culture change happen

This 2-day immersive workshop gives colleagues the chance to experience the Appreciative Inquiry process for themselves and develop an actionable roadmap for culture change.