Managing Director, Sarah Janes, Contributes to SC Magazine Article

At Layer 8 we’re always delighted to the knowledge we gain from working with employees on developing best practice security behaviours. We were approached by SC Magazine UK to contribute our thoughts and advice on the use of fake phishing campaigns. These are now standard practice in many businesses as a means of heightening employees’ awareness of the phishing threat and stoping the fateful click that can lead to erroneous financial transactions, or malware downloads onto the system.

The article suggests that fake phishing test can – in some instances – increase (yes, you read that right!) phishing incidents as employees who have scored highly on in-house tests become over-confident and complacent. Sarah Janes suggests that whilst phishing tests are a useful resource, they also need hand-on interactive training which engages employees by getting them to ‘think like a hacker’ and even create their own phishing email!

Take a look at the article by clicking here

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