Measure return on investment in security culture behaviour change - Impossible

Measure return on investment in security culture/behaviour change? Impossible?

If you regularly read our blogs, you will know that we discuss a different approach to this subject. One of collaboration, dialogue and integration.

Out of collaboration emerges a position only the savviest of Security Professionals have achieved. That position is one of true integration, a position where security is correctly considered as part of the strategic direction of your business. The Security Team have become strategists rather than fixers.

So what’s collaboration got to do with measurement? What a collaborative approach to security strategy produces is relationships. Relationships at every level and every department across your business. People to speak to, people to find out what’s really going wrong, what’s really going right, what’s changed, how it’s helped your business, how it’s helped your business win more business, how it’s helped your business retain customers. How you have made your business more profitable! Imagine taking that type of data into your Executive Team.

Creating a web of effective security relationships across your business, and collaborating with that network to create and direct your security strategy, provides far more than just metrics to measure return on investment. It also gives you access to deal with security in real time and make changes to processes and practices at a local level.

Security culture can be perceived as soft, subjective and hard to measure and track. Not so! Layer 8 and Richard Mayall, from Acuity Risk Management, will be talking about how to ensure your security culture is tough enough to fight off phishing, ransomware and other evolving threat – and you have the measurements to prove it. Register for our free webinar:

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