SURVEY – Remote working habits: and the effect on a hybrid working model

Have our security habits got better or worse since the start of the pandemic?


A recent survey conducted by Layer 8, with people outside of the security industry,  identifies some of our security habits may have slipped during ‘lockdown’.

61% of respondents said they used a personal device for business. Of those, 32% admitted this practice had increased significantly since they’d been working from home.

43% said they were out of practice locking their computer screens! With a further 20% self-identifying that other security habits like shredding and safeguarding printed materials had lapsed since full-time office working.


Also of interest was the fact that 75% of people will be lugging some sort of IT equipment and printed docs with them when hybrid working, from just the laptop to the addition of the keyboard, mouse and charger cable. Only 14% of people had been supplied separate tech for homeworking. With over 70% of people saying they would be working a hybrid model that’s an awful lot of tech and data in transit.

Just 26% of people had been contacted by their business during lockdown to help them set-up a secure homeworking environment. Yet 49% of people said they would welcome either a call or presentation from their security team to help them refresh their awareness of security processes and practices before they return.

Sarah Janes, MD at Layer 8, said “when we talk to people about the most effective methods to facilitate change it always comes down to a conversation. While automated security learning can impart the detail of policy and process, it is the conversation that is the catalyst for change. Conversations makes things relevant, allows for questions, and helps people implement the secure habits in a way that is meaningful to them.”

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