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Lead the culture change

Make your case for security culture with the help of Layer 8

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Creating good questions

Finding the right solution is often about asking the right questions.

This guide on developing questions will help you have meaningful conversations with colleagues that direct and influence your security behaviours strategy.

Avoiding Phishing Attacks

Look outside and the world has stopped turning. But if you look online, everything appears to be spinning faster than ever. Every day that passes brings with it a selection of remarkable tech-related stats and figures. Phishing attacks are continuing to skyrocket and the cyber criminals are exploiting at every opportunity.

We’ve created a document for you to share far and wide with your team and organisation – Avoiding Phishing Attacks, 5 Tips To Share With Your Team.

Avoiding Phishing Attacks PDF image
Creating Resilience PDF image

Creating Resilience: 5 things cyber-criminals wish your business didn't talk about

Is your organisation effectively managing risk? Are your stakeholders onboard? Does your security culture support the implementation of your cybersecurity strategy? Layer 8 and CRMG provide their joint paper – Creating Resilience: 5 things cyber-criminals wish your business didn’t talk about.

Parental Controls

Like us, our children are also now ‘working from home’. Do we really know what they are accessing online each day whilst completing the ongoing cycle of their school work, chatting to friends or perhaps accidentally accessing some content they shouldn’t? This pdf can be downloaded and is full of rich advice and resources on how to stay safer online.

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Working from home: advice for staff

During the extended period of home working many businesses will be asking their employees to work from home. Whilst we might be on lock-down there is no such rule for the cyber-criminal!
This PDF can be downloaded and sent out to staff to help them protect business information and assets.

Developing Secure Behaviours 10 practical principles for effective change

Combining the latest research with practical implementation examples, Layer 8’s white paper draws on the company’s experience as a communications and training provider. The paper will help you create your strategy as well as begin the implementation of a programme that will change behaviours.

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Keeping Our Kids Safe

We want our children to benefit from the rapid and vast technology developments, but how can we keep our kids safe online whilst allowing them to benefit from the best of what the internet has to offer? This guide provides some basics to start a discussion with your loved ones!

Resource – Six steps to setting up your security champions network

This resource provides a guide to setting up a successful security champions network. From figuring out your key objective to measuring and sustaining momentum. We share what we have learnt working with our clients building champions networks from a diverse range of businesses.

6 steps to setting up your security champions network
Case study - Developing a network of security champions screenshot

Case Study – Security Champions

This case study documents the development and implementation of a successful security advocates programme.
Our client, a large utilities company, used security advocates to unite physical and online security responsibilities, and witnessed a cultural shift towards a proactive, collaborative security culture.

Resource - Creating Your Own Security Champions Pitch

This resource takes you through a step by step process to create a unique pitch for security champions. The methodology can be used successfully whatever you need to pitch. Enjoy, and happy pitching!​

5 minutes to pitch security champions to the board
Layer 8 - Social Engineering workshops

Case Study – Social Engineering Workshops

This white paper discusses the challenges our large infrastructure client had with translating knowledge into behavioural change. A unique method of interactive learning was used resulting in long term changes in behaviour with regard to recognising and being able to resolve social engineering attempts.

Three Tips for Securing Budget

This white paper includes an interview with Andy Hodgson, former CISO at BT, QinetiQ and MundiPharma. Andy is no stranger to the challenges of security budget for the human factor in security. Andy discusses these challenges, and provides three insightful top tips.

Investing in your human firewall White Paper
Getting the Board on board White Paper

Getting the Board on Board

This white paper discusses why security culture is fundamental to your business and why buy-in to a proactive security culture needs to start at the top. The paper demonstrates how you can create a powerful need narrative, unique to your business, for security culture that engages board members and gets them to take action.

Start a conversation about securing online collaboration

Our free guide for starting conversations about securing online collaboration in your business: (4-minute read)

Online Collaboration Tools


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