Security Awareness Programme in Bedfordshire

Security Awareness for Buckinghamshire

Layer 8 Offers Security Awareness for Buckinghamshire

Earlier this year, Layer 8 Ltd was delighted to be invited to the MK Dons Stadium in Milton Keynes, as part of the NatWestBoost for local businesses. The event gave the Layer 8 team the opportunity to talk to SMEs and start-ups about their current security awareness campaigns, and to offer tips and guidance on the simple steps they can take to ensure that employees are proactively defending the business from ransomware, phishing attacks, malware, and social engineering.

Developing Effective Security Awareness for Buckinghamshire

As part of a security awareness programme for Buckinghamshire, in conjunction with NatWestBoost, Layer 8 were offering attendees the opportunity to calculate their human risk factors, using a simple online questionnaire. Whilst many of the companies we talked to were confident that they had up-to-date tech in place to defend their digital assets, they felt far more vulnerable when it came to their end users, and many were concerned that their employees wouldn’t know whether or not to click on a link in an unsolicited email, or open an attachment from an unknown sender.

Growing Security Awareness for Buckinghamshire With Layer 8

The majority of companies we spoke to at the NatWestBoost event were at the very early stages of developing their security plan but it was inspiring to discover that there were businesses right across Buckinghamshire that were enthusiastic to talk about security awareness and eager to start developing their security awareness campaigns. Layer 8 was able to help out by offering a free introductory security education package to kickstart their campaign.

We help companies to activate their human firewall by offering engaging security comms, specialist interactive workshops, security champions networks, and business consultancy. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to activate your human firewall, call us for a free ‘Where do I Start?’ consultation.

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