Security Awareness Programme in Bedfordshire

Security Awareness Programme in Bedfordshire

Layer 8 Ltd Provide an Innovative Security Awareness Programme in Bedfordshire

The county of Bedfordshire is home to some industry giants such as Amazon, Capita and Unilever, as well as hosting a huge range of SMEs, and start-ups. The one thing all these companies have in common, whatever their size or turnover, is that they are targets for cybercriminals who are looking to steal their data, launch DDoS attacks on their online services, and freeze assets until a ransom is paid. The most popular method of cybercrime attack is via employees who are tricked into clicking on phishing emails, downloading malware via malicious links, or giving away valuable information on the phone or site access through tailgating.

An Engaging Security Awareness Programme in Bedfordshire

Company boards and CEOs are now recognising that a cybersecurity awareness strategy for employees is key to securing the enterprise. It doesn’t matter how many tech firewalls you have in place, so long as there’s the possibility of one employee clicking on a phishing link, the business is still vulnerable. Located in the heart of the county, in Sharnbrook, Layer 8 has been working with Bedfordshire businesses for the last three years on developing employees’ security awareness, and, most important, turning security awareness into best practice security behaviours such as:

  • Always locking screens when leaving your desk.
  • Politely challenging tailgaters and visitors without passes.
  • Never click on a link in an email without verifying the source.
  • Keeping desks and photocopiers clear of documents.
  • Understanding what not to post on social media.

Introducing the Layer 8 Internet Security Toolkit

The cybersecurity awareness team at Layer 8 offers local businesses advice and support on tackling people-centred cybercrime within their organisation. The Layer 8 internet security toolkit provides a range of solutions for companies large and small, including daily cyber security awareness tips delivered by email, interactive security awareness workshops, and the creation of a security awareness champions network. If you are concerned about your employees putting your business at risk through a lack of awareness, error, or negligence, contact the cyber security awareness team at Layer 8 to find out more about our security awareness programme in Bedfordshire.

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