A Masterclass in setting up and retaining Security Champions

The Culture Coach: A Masterclass in setting up and retaining Security Champions

Over the past few years, many businesses have experienced the value of good proactive Security Champions. Security Champions help to identify and mitigate risk at a grassroots level of your business, where it really matters. Having someone with an existing relationship in function has become even more valuable in the remote working world to facilitate people with the changes they need to make.

Since March we have successfully delivered a number of Champions’ programmes remotely using a technique which has its roots in Appreciative Inquiry. E.g We learn by asking questions. And we make sense of the world and put things into practice when we collaborate.

During the Masterclass Sarah Janes will talk you through the technique used and provide an overview of the step by step processes.

Attend if:
• You have an existing Champions programme you want to enliven.
• You are thinking of starting a programme, but you’re not sure where to start.
• You are interested in finding out about different techniques.

What you’ll learn:
• An overview of our methodology.
• An overview of the process and interventions (suitable for a ‘remote working audience’).
• The opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with other attendees.


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