The Hackers Perspective – Helping Employees Identify Security Vulnerabilities

Webinar Archive: The Hackers Perspective – Helping Employees Identify Security Vulnerabilities

PRESENTERS Sarah Janes, Mike Carter, Amanda Price

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Planning an attack on your own company can offer the best means of driving the security message home, whilst maintaining a light and engaging approach to security awareness, after all – didn’t we all want to be the villain in games when we were kids? Layer 8 has worked with companies from 10-33,000 employees using this approach, in time-slots ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours, and in each case, we have left employees feeling motivated to change insecure behaviours, enthusiastic to protect the business assets, and confident that they understood the importance of taking responsibility as a frontline defender against the hackers. This webinar will provide a rationale for using this approach, a series of practical tips for getting employees on-board with the approach, and a detailed framework for utilising local employee knowledge to expose security vulnerabilities, and find effective ways to strengthen existing defences.

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