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Compliance vs. Culture: how the two can work together to secure your business

“If your purpose is to pass a compliance review or audit, then you’re not focused on security. Security isn’t compliance. Compliance is an element of security, but to create a security programme that will protect you and your customers, security culture must be the priority.” Gartner.

Culture may have made it onto your list of priorities, but compliance is still sitting at the top. It’s a legal requirement for businesses to adhere to industry standards. It makes us feel safe.

But compliance standards are built on known threats, and we know that cybercrime is constantly evolving. So logically, being compliant isn’t necessarily being secure.

That’s where security culture comes in. Engaging colleagues in the conversation about security enables you to activate and exercise compliance controls. Now that’s the kind of logic we like.

Join this webinar when we’ll explore how security culture can:
• turn compliance into behaviours colleagues can commit to
• help the business to counter on-going threats
• support a more agile security posture


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