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Welcome To Our New Look TalkSecure

Welcome to the new look TalkSecure

From now on you’ll receive a TalkSecure less frequently, once a quarter, but we intend to pack them with more value.

Each TalkSecure will contain 3 main features. Talking Points – case studies from the world of culture and education. The Culture Coach – a little bit of education, research or learning we’d like to share. And The Exchange where we share ideas and get perspectives from people connected with the security world.



  • Talking Point: Ever used neuroscience to engage a tricky audience?
  • Talking Point: Can people you’ve never met make good Security Champions?
  • The Culture Coach: Introducing the Change Model
  • The Exchange: Hear from Hannah Tufts, owner and founder of Exhale Barcelona on what led her to using neuroscience and much more

For the December edition click the link below.  


If you would like to receive this on a quarterly basis, we would welcome you to ‘opt in’ and we will add you to our community.

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