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Case Study – Social Engineering Workshops


This white paper discusses the challenges our large infrastructure client had with translating knowledge into behavioural change.  A unique method of interactive learning was used resulting in long term changes in behaviour with regard to recognising and being able to resolve social engineering attempts.

Three Tips for Securing Budget


This white paper includes an interview with Andy Hodgson, former CISO at BT, QinetiQ and MundiPharma.  Andy is no stranger to the challenges of security budget for the human factor in security.  Andy discusses these challenges, and provides three insightful top tips.

Getting the Board on Board


This white paper discusses why security culture is fundamental to your business and why buy-in to a proactive security culture needs to start at the top. The paper demonstrates how you can create a powerful need narrative, unique to your business, for security culture that engages board members and gets them to take action.

Developing Security Culture
8 practical principles for effective change

Integrating the latest research into the human factor in security, Layer 8’s white paper draws on the company’s experience as a communications provider, running interactive training and developing networks of security champions to help you strategise security culture change and introduce key approaches to making it a reality.