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Your April Edition of TalkSecure has just landed!

Our April edition of TalkSecure is available to view now! 

Each TalkSecure will contain 3 main features. Talking Points – case studies from the world of culture and education. The Culture Coach – a little bit of education, research or learning we’d like to share. And The Exchange where we share ideas and get perspectives from people connected with the security world.



  • Talking Point: Is it possible to be stressed and successful?
  • The Culture Coach: Introducing Appreciative Inquiry
  • The Exchange: Hear from Marilise de Villiers, owner and founder of Marilise de Villiers-Basson Consulting


For the April edition click the link below

If you would like to receive this on a quarterly basis, we would welcome you to ‘opt in’ and we will add you to our community.

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