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NEW WEBINAR – The Culture Coach: Security Champions – Maintaining and Sustaining a Security Champions Programme

Join us on the 22nd March for a Masterclass in Maintaining & Sustaining Your Security Champions Programme.

The single biggest question we get asked is, ‘but how do I keep them engaged?’
Imagine a programme that is self-sustaining. One where Champions are the driving force behind behaviour change in your business.
The trick is to find a win-win situation and this requires a mindset change.
From – ‘security determines the Champions’ job-description to ‘Champions’ co-create their job description’
From – ‘how can we upskill Champions’ in security to ‘how can we provide opportunities for Champions’ career development and visibility’


We will be joined on the day by a special guest who started their Security Champions programme 6 years ago. They now have over 740 Champions and it is still thriving. They’ll share some secrets to their success.


We’ll be talking:
• How to motivate Champions to stay after the initial launch.
• Shifting your time from constantly organising and encouraging Champions to, ‘Chief Opportunity Finder’.
• Keeping your Champions sustained with new activities, skills development, projects and awards.
• Developing a ‘Champions recruiting Champions’ model.
• Creating an ‘alumni’.

Create the Future – following the Masterclass we’ll give a short update on how we’re developing an accredited Security Champions education programme and about opportunities to get involved in one of our Recruit and Induct programmes kicking off in May and September.

Register here to secure your place.

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