Every Layer 8 Champions® solution starts with our blueprint

Conversation + Collaboration + Positive Focus =
Champions Influencing Behaviour Change

Choose a solution to suit you

We offer solutions from free (check the hub) to fully managed programmes. Whether you’re just starting out or have a well-established programme.

Solutions initiate


Survey your organisation. Create the business case and strategic direction for your Champions network. Choose from:
  • Self-assessment (free)
  • Full company survey and report
  • Focus groups
  • Bespoke
Solutions implement


Recruit, train and activate your Champions. Provide them with the required human and security skills to be effective. Set up  measurement criteria. Choose from:

  • Self-guided
  • Consultation
  • Fully managed
Solutions evolve


Mature and sustain your network. Develop learning pathways for leadership, technical and business Champions. Choose from:

  • Capability framework
  • Capbility delivery
  • Fully managed


Initiate is our Layer 8 Champions® survey specifically designed to provide a baseline, business case, and identify the strategic direction for your Champion’s programme. 

Through a series of questions, we assess your security and company culture, plus the security competence of your employees. Completion of the survey provides evidence of the need for a programme, identify areas of focus for your programme, and provide strategic direction.

Survey or focus groups? We offer this service as a survey or focus groups.
Standard questions or bespoke? We offer the ability to add bespoke questions to the survey.
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Join the growing list of organisations that have set strong foundations for their network by choosing Layer 8 Champions® implement. Implement takes you from creating the strategy for your programme, right through to having a thriving network of Champions actively facilitating change. The bits in-between include:

  • Recruitment campaign & materials
  • Network set-up
  • Human skills & security skills training
  • Materials & activities for Champions
  • Measurement set-up

Do it yourself, but quicker?
Fast track your programme by getting access to Layer 8’s portfolio of materials, including lesson plans, recruitment materials, prepared activities for your Champions, and more.
Or get us to do it all? If your time is limited one of our Champion specialists can be there to write materials, run sessions, and build the network alongside you.
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Evolve matures and develops the outcomes of your Champions programme.
Using the Layer 8 Champions® Capability Framework we set up learning and pathways for business, technical and leader champions.

Capability framework set-up – using our capability framework we can create learning pathways for your network, based on your strategy and desired outcomes.
Capability framework session delivery – we can deliver the know-how, capability and activities within the framework through a combination of online or live sessions with Champions and our self-paced learning materials.
Or get us to do it all? If your time is limited one of our Champion specialists can be there to run the programme for you!
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