The Layer 8 Toolkit

Download our multi-format Toolkit demo & begin to measure & change employee behaviour today (Accessible via browser and also available as an app for Android & iOS).

Have you ever changed your behaviour after reading a policy?

Our Toolkit builds security through

Create conversation & change employee behaviour

Conversation is our catalyst for change. Enable your employees to deal with security responsibly on a human level.

Includes regular video & rich media updates

Our regularly updated materials focus on areas of compliance. The difference is, they’re engaging, short and help people retain what they’ve learnt.

Survey and measure improvement

Take real-time graphical analytics straight to the board-room. Identify risky areas of the business and produce exception reports.

Target messages to suit your audience

Achieve that head-nod of recognition by targeting appropriate messages to different audiences.

Drive your

So, you have your Champions? They’ll need supporting with additional materials, actions and activities, and a way to measure the effect they are having on risk.

Choose your service level and customisation

Choose how much support you’d like. And tell us whether you want our pre-prepared materials, your own branding or bespoke materials.


Ever wanted a bigger security team? Use our framework for finding, coaching, driving and supporting a network of Champions. You’ll soon see the benefits that having a view of risk from the grass-roots provides.


Get key audiences on your side. Live interactive workshops on topics from social engineering to the hackers’ perspective. Starting with a dramatic scenario, your attendees will experience the effects of poor security, in a safe environment. Then we collaborate. No one leaves our workshops without an action!


Draw attention to your programme. Get people talking about security. Get engagement without having to force it. Our communications packages are designed for impact.


We’ve got your back. Our experienced security change practitioners work alongside you. Provide guidance on the best solution for your business. And manage the programme every step of the way.

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