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An organisation full of people committed to its protection is more powerful than any one piece of technology.

We harness the collective power of people by creating long-lasting impactful Security Champions programmes.

These organisations are already harnessing the collective power of people

What’s in a name?
Security champion, ambassador, guardian, advocate, shield.

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They’re called by many different names, and they all facilitate changes in behaviour from the grassroots up.

This is where Layer 8 comes in…

We’ve helped businesses of all sizes build successful security champions networks, from SMEs with less than 100 people, to global organisations with more than 250,000 staff.

Layer 8 Champions® covers a vast spectrum of activity to enable your people to maintain and enhance your cyber resilience. Talk to us about strategy, recruitment, our capability framework, measurement, and learning pathways for security champions.

Curious about whether champions could ever drive the success of your security strategy? Find out how Layer 8 will bring your vision to life.

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Resource Library

June masterclass video

Masterclass: Our #1 hack for keeping security champions current

Apply exclusive insights to your own long-term security champions strategy
May community meetup resource

Four proven tips for keeping security champions active and engaged

300 security champions operating internally, externally, and openly rewarded for their progress. If the Met Police can do it, so can you!
Layer 8 90 day setup plan masterclass image

Masterclass: the 90-day setup plan

Launch a brand new security champions programme or give new life to your existing network
Harnessing the collective power of people to reduce risk image

Harnessing the collective power of people to reduce risk

Five key takeaways from teissLondon 2024 | Layer 8 roundtable  
The experts guide product image

The expert’s guide to starting a security champions programme

You know your security champions programme would be unstoppable, if you could just get started!
Self assessment

Optimise your security champions programme with the Layer 8 Prospects Self-Assessment

Establish the security culture that exists within your business now. Use it to benchmark progress, and guide your Champions strategy.
Measurement masterclass Creating magic moments with your champions programme image

Masterclass: Creating magic moments with your champions programme

Measuring your programme is much more than just number crunching.
Creating magic moments what happens when learning, reward and measurement are aligned image

Creating magic moments: what happens when learning, reward and measurement are aligned

You know how it feels when you’re in ‘flow state’, when the almost euphoric feeling that things are just as they should be.
Masterclass Your 90 day plan for recruiting successful security champions

Masterclass: Your 90-day plan for recruiting successful security champions

Watch this masterclass to find out how the Global Information Security Team at Computershare successfully recruited 100 volunteers
Masterclass Measuring Your Champions Programme

Masterclass: Measuring Your Champions Programme

A successful cyber security champions programme is all about building a culture that empowers your employees to take action
The Layer 8 Champions Masterclasses

The Layer 8 Champions® Masterclasses

Listen again to our 5 Layer 8 Champions® Masterclasses to benefit from our proprietary learnings and hear about others’ experiences, ideas, and innovations
Masterclass Developing a 2023 security culture strategy that gets sign off

Masterclass: Developing a 2023 security culture strategy that gets sign-off

It’s time to take back control

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