How to get your employees to take responsibility for security.


Free 30 min security awareness consultations,
every Thursday throughout October.

In support of National Cyber Security Awareness Month

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Conversation is your most powerful catalyst for change

We use the power of conversation to minimise security risk, raise awareness, improve behaviours & measure impact.

• Deliver powerful messages fast
• Provide interactive content
• Get people collaborating & taking responsibility
• Evidence the effectiveness of your strategy

"Employees take pride in protecting the people and things that matter to them. They just need to be engaged. And that’s where we come in…”

Together we’re Layer 8

Tech alone can’t solve security.

Reports consistently state around 90% of attacks involve social engineering. Hackers target people because they see them as the weakest link. Layer 8 exists to help businesses turn people into their strongest security asset. It’s not just about stopping breaches, it’s about protecting reputations, maintaining share prices and contributing to commercial success.

Together we’re Layer 8