Watch our SANS presentation NOW!

We were so excited when our CEO Sarah Janes was invited to talk at this year’s SANS Security Awareness Summit. And you can now watch her presentation online.

The theme at this year’s SANS was ‘Managing Human Risk’, which is all about driving behaviour change. This is at the very heart of what we do at Layer 8. 

Our team at Layer 8 has a background in behavioural psychology, along with years of experience in the security industry, which puts us in a great position to share our knowledge. 

Sarah’s presentation was all about how to measure the success of your champion’s programme. Because it’s not just a case of counting the numbers. That’s the easy part! Proving how they are reducing risk can be a real challenge. But it’s so important if you want to keep your management on side and funding your programme. 

Find out how to :

  • Recognise and define the behaviours that shape security culture 
  • Differentiate between metrics and indicators when measuring secure behaviour
  • Apply a proven model for collecting data and calculating KPIs
  • Keep your boss on board 
  • Sustain engagement with your security champions and drive results

It only takes 30-minutes, but it could just change your security champions programmes. Watch it here now.

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