Let’s hear it for collaboration when creating champions programmes image

Let’s hear it for collaboration when creating champions programmes

Do you sometimes feel like David battling against Goliath, when it comes to protecting your company against cyber crime? Turns out you’re not alone. 

According to Layer 8 research 75% of CSOs struggle to get their business to take security awareness more seriously. As a result, they are left feeling unsupported and overwhelmed when establishing and maintaining security champions programmes. Recruitment is also a pain point, as is maintaining engagement and activity once people sign-up.

Conversation and collaboration

These were the key findings from our recent cyber security workshops. A total of 34 industry experts and thought leaders took part, all willing to share their experiences and their struggles in this challenging industry. 

The aim of our workshops was to open up the conversation across organisations, because we know there is a lack of communication and collaboration in terms of sharing information and best practices when establishing and maintaining champions programmes. And we are proud to say we certainly achieved this objective. 

We were overwhelmed with the honesty and openness of all those who attended. These workshops prove you don’t want to work in silos, and it was so great to see this growing community coming together. Cyber security risks are constantly evolving, and no single individual or organisation can stay ahead of every potential attack. It’s only by working together, that we can create a culture of resilience. By building a strong community, we can all share information, resources, and expertise to help prevent and respond to cyber security incidents. 

Cyber security white paper

These workshops are just the beginning. Feedback from those who attended is that we needed more time! There is still so much to learn and so much to unpick. So more workshops are planned for the future. We hope they will become an essential date in the cyber security diary. 

In the meantime, we are collating all the valuable information gathered in these workshops and creating a white paper on the cyber security challenges you face, and how to effectively tackle them.  

We know you want solutions. We know you need support. We know you will love this white paper.

Watch this space….

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