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Join your peers to discuss security champions challenges

Conversation is crucial when changing behaviour as it allows individuals to share their thoughts, beliefs, and experiences in an open and respectful way. Through effective communication, people can gain a better understanding of different perspectives, challenge their own assumptions, and identify areas for growth and improvement. When people engage in meaningful conversations, it also builds trust and establishes a deeper sense of connection, which can lead to more significant and lasting behavioral changes.

Meaningful conversations

This is why conversation is at the very heart of all we do at Layer 8. But it’s not just any old chit chat. Our Layer 8 Champions® programmes are built on questions that are proven to get meaningful conversations around security and cyber started. The reason we know these questions work is because we have helped businesses of all sizes, all around the globe, build successful security champion programmes.  

Then it dawned on us. All these incredible, inspiring conversations are happening in cyber security silos, because there is a lack of communication and collaboration between organisations, in terms of sharing information and best practices when establishing and maintaining champions programmes. This fragmented approach can lead to inefficiencies when managing cyber risks, plus, we know that being solely responsible for your programme can be a real challenge.

Peer-to-peer workshops

To break down these silos we have decided to run a series of workshops, for members of our Layer 8 Champions® Hub. By opening up the conversation across organisations we can share information and advice on running effective security champions programmes, and increase our awareness, understanding, and management of cyber risks.

The aims of these peer-to-peer workshops are to:

  • Build relationships with community members 
  • Discover key pain points when establishing, maintaining and measuring our programmes
  • Identify what our community needs to progress our programmes

These workshops are just the beginning! We will use the findings to create a must-read white paper on the key cyber security challenges modern businesses face, and how to effectively tackle them. We can’t do this without you! So get involved.

Pick a date and sign up now!

1 March, 10am GMT 

1 March, 4pm GMT NOW FULL

8 March, 4pm GMT

By engaging in ongoing conversations around champions programmes, we can ensure we are all well-equipped to respond to and mitigate cyber threats in the wider community.

Get involved. Be the change.

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