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Why Blue Monday can be an incentive for positive change

Today is apparently the ‘most depressing day of the year’. What a cheery thought for a cold Monday morning (well it is here in the UK).

Blue Monday was created by psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall, who worked out a formula to show how the third Monday in January is just about as bad as it gets. Factors include bad weather (✔), the average time for New Year’s resolutions to fail (✔) and motivational levels (❌).

Why the red cross? Because we believe Blue Monday can be an incentive to make positive change in your business and put your people first. As well as increasing the feel-good factor, research by Warwick University has shown that employees work harder if they are happy. In fact it rose by 37% at Google, which has heavily invested in employee support and satisfaction.

When it comes to cyber security, organisations tend to focus on the technical issues and overlook the needs of people and how they really work. But your people are your superpower when building resilience against cyber attacks. Putting them at the heart of your cyber security structures and policies is key when establishing and maintaining a positive cyber security culture.

One proven way to do this is with a security champions programme. However, creating an effective programme isn’t just about nominating individuals. It’s about providing them with the capabilities and know-how to cultivate secure behaviours that everyone buys into.

If you need help getting started, head over to our Layer 8 Champions® Hub, which has essential resources to help establish, maintain and measure an effective cyber security champions programme.

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